Fig Leaves For The Catholic Faithful

By | November 8, 2017

I can recall sitting in Catholic Church as a boy. I had always wondered why it was that, at Communion time, some people remained seated or kneeling in a very prayerful, pious position while others shuffled forward to receive the bread and wine. As time went on, and the length of time between my confessions grew too long (in my own opinion) and the types of sins I was capable of committing grew “worse” (again, in my own opinion), I found that, I, too, would refrain from taking communion because, in my own opinion, I was simply unworthy.

U As time went by, the Lord has allowed me my share of ministry opportunities to Catholics. Here are a few examples:CASE: I met a pretty Catholic woman in her 40s who told me she hadn’t taken communion in 10 years. Why? Because she had been divorced and felt unworthy.

Another Catholic woman, a single mom, confessed to me that she was not only not skipping communion, but was feeling unworthy of even entering the doors of the church. Why? She, too, had been divorced.

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