What You Don’t Know About Thean Hou Temple

By | November 8, 2017

Thean Hou temple is rather new, and was completed in 1987 and officially opened in 1989. The temple belongs to and is run by the Selangor & Federal Territory Hainan Association, which is a clan association for people of Hainanese descent, who come the province of Hainan, in China. This temple was built by the local Hainanese community and is dedicated to Goddess Tian Hou, or The Heavenly Mother.

Near the outer entrance is the white statue of Kwan Yin, the famous Goddess of Mercy. There’s a place for devotees to kneel to touch the water that pours out of Kwan Yin’s magical pitcher. One might even see devotees attempting to splash themselves with the holy water.

Next to it is a smiling old man, holding a book and a staff. He is the Chinese deity of Marriage, or a Chinese Cupid if you like. This celestial matchmaker is called Yue Xia Lao Ren- or ‘the old man in the moon light’. Instead of using arrows like Cupid, he uses a piece of red string that is tied to the man and the woman’s feet. In fact, the red bag that on the left is his bag of red strings. The book that he is holding is the book of fate; it lists who you will meet and when you will be married. This deity is very popular with young people, who often offer him candies and chocolates in return for the perfect match.

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