Denzel Washington and My Self-Esteem Bucket

By | November 8, 2017

I watched an interview with two-time Academy Award Winner Denzel Washington today. His new movie (he directed and acted), coming to theaters on Christmas Day, is called The Great Debaters. The story follows a black southern debate team during the Great Depression as they pursue the challenges of debating the white teams. Denzel knows exactly who he is!

He told how he starts and ends his day with prayer, asking for guidance, protection, and even more “thank You’s”. He talked about how everyone has his little bucket of self-esteem and all day long people are tipping his bucket, trying to empty it out. He said he has to refill that bucket, sometimes several times a day, and the only way to refill it is to maintain his inner peace. How does he refill it? Denzel runs to the Lord for His refills. His mother always told him, “Man gives the AWARD, God gives the REWARD.”

He struck me as a very humble man in spite of his huge accomplishments and awards. His comments also brought up a question inside of me. Do I know who I am? If I do, how do I know? And where do I run to fill up my own bucket of self-esteem? Here’s my refill station and what I know about myself.

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