Dating Through The Freeze! 5 Ways To Warm Up To Your Date

By | November 8, 2017

Winter is upon us and the air is chilly. You wish that you had someone at home with you to get tucked up with under the covers… but unfortunately that’s not the case. Instead of moping about with a long face, get out there and get stuck into speed dating, online dating or any one of the countless great activities there are for singles to do these days – think Sex and the City rather than Bridget Jones! You might just find that special someone that can fill that spot under the blankets. However, until such point as you’re ready to head to bed, here are five ways that you and your new date can stay warm until it’s time to get into bed together:

Drinks at a bar with a fireplace. Many cities have a bar or two that has a fireplace at the center of it. The flickering glow of the fire will warm your heart and your body as you get to know someone new.Cook together. Meet your date at the grocery store to pick up your dinner items. Spend the evening cooking up a yummy gourmet meal together. It’ll warm your kitchen and your soul.

. Get your blood flowing. Exercise together either outdoors (if the weather lets up for long enough!) or at a gym. You’ll build a new bond and get your body all heated up. Hockey for two?

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