Square Feet Room

By | November 9, 2017

The broker, the people on the road and the honking auto-rickshaws made me realize that I was breathing contaminated air in a surrounding that had everything man-made, except for the blue sky that reminded me of the almighty. I wished that the broker clearly knew what I needed for an abode, in this city. I prayed that I should not feel as lonely as I was feeling amidst this crowd – a luxury to ask for in a city life away from home.

Days went by and there I was in front of the broker’s restaurant run by him, drinking the hot tea he offered. “Up there” pointing to the terrace of the 4 storied building “is

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the place” the broker exclaimed. It felt rather funny to trust the broker in believing that a flat was up there on the terrace. I could wish that the breeze would carry me upstairs ignoring my obesity and pumping enough air into my lungs. Curiosity propelled me to reach the terrace quicker than I had thought. My curiosity was might with dismay. Folly was revealed in the hope I had on the broker. Had my dream search been a small room in the brokers mind!!

Just a room and nothing more than a room – a 20 square feet room. A neat humble one. The room was over even before I got in and took my 3rd step (was it 2.5 steps). I walked out to come in once again to ensure that it was not a bad dream. Utter dismay! I still couldn’t come to terms with the size of it. Is this all the broker could find for me in all these 3 weeks. The bit more of the terrace area outside the room was good enough to make for a decent studio apartment.


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