10 Reasons Why Pole Dancing Is The Best Way to Exercise

By | November 9, 2017

Pole dancing is equivalent to a gym session. It is guaranteed to make you sweat! Since pole dancing is fast paced and entertaining, it is a great way to get your cardio in. It will also help you improve balance, endurance, flexibility, posture, gain energy, and most importantly confidence. One can feel accomplished and invincible after completing a class. Burning 250 calories in a one-hour Pole Dancing session is achievable!

Reachable goals increase motivation, and give you desirable rewards. Every time you achieve a certain move, spin, or routine you know you have worked hard to get there. Acquiring something that you can see or share with friends is an impressive incentive. So, challenge yourself! Choose a new trick to master each week.

Pole dancing incorporates some ballet, gymnastics, aerobics, and Pilates techniques. Cardio exercise is another important component in this form of dance. Pole fitness helps expand your lung capacity, maintain a healthy heart rate while burning calories and fat. Pole dancing could be good for decompression in your spinal cord, and has less impact on your bones than weight lifting or doing push-ups.

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