Choosing the Right Dance Shoe For You

By | November 9, 2017

If you are at the stage of choosing an appropriate dance shoe, it means you have finally discovered the joy of ballroom dancing. However, like any sport or physical pastime, the gear chosen can seriously affect one’s performance, enjoyment and appearance. Well chosen shoes will ensure better enjoyment of your dancing and permit you to do so for longer periods of time.

Dance shoes are generally more lightweight and flexible with suede soles to ensure the right combination of “grip and slide” with the floor. They also typically have more padding in the insole to absorb the impact of dancing and generally have more toe room for added comfort.

Although many street shoes may be comfortable or stylish, they can easily lead to injury. Rubber soles often cause knee injuries from too much grip while leather soles are often far too slippery. When choosing the right ballroom shoe, several factors must be taken into consideration.

Comfort and support should be first and foremost in choosing a style. Dancing directs an incredible amount of pressure into the feet and as such, choosing a comfortable shoe is paramount in making dancing a positive experience. When first trying on a dance shoe, keep in mind that any noticeable pressure, friction or general discomfort will only become magnified after even just a few minutes of dancing. Select a shoe that fits snugly without excessive pressure.

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