Date Night for Your First Date or Anniversary Date

By | November 9, 2017

Date Night Idea Number One: Esther was allowing Jose to win her affections. Esther was not the type of girl that was a slam dunk. Esther took her time making up her mind. No quick decision. Waiting patiently to see if Jose was who he said he was. I thought her an especially smart young woman who was in school to become a nurse.

A year after taking salsa lessons with me and having a regular date night for dancing lessons and dinner afterwards, Jose popped the question on their one-year anniversary and Esther agreed to marry in the Spring of the next year.

Thinking out of the box for your first date paid off big for Jose.

Date Night Idea Number Two: then there is Jim and Dee Dee. They were celebrating a belated wedding dance on their 25 wedding anniversary. Money was limited when they had gotten married 25 years ago, but today fund were unlimited. Jim proposed to Dee Dee for the second half of their life together and Dee Dee said yes.

When it came time to pick out their First Dance song, Jim confessed they never had a song that they called their own. I suggested Keb Mo’s song, “Don’t shave your legs for me.” To summarize the song for you, don’t cut your hair for me, don’t wear a dress for me, don’t shave your legs for me. I’m not judging the cover, I like the book.”

Both Jim and Dee Dee agreed that was the song they wanted to be their song for their wedding dances together. Neither knew how to dance and were beginning ballroom students, but the twinkle in their eyes towards each other was like a neon sign flashing in your four-floor apartment.

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