How to Impress a Girl – Four Factors for Impressing Any Girl

By | November 9, 2017

This is not something obvious to most guys. They think that they are wearing a nice shirt, using a deodorant, putting on their new Nike will make girls think that they are good looking. The truth is that you will look to girls as an idiot if you relay on your taste to look great. Guys, don’t take this the wrong way, but we are terrible at choosing what to wear. I’ve never seen a true guy who was great at matching colors. It’s simply not in our DNA. Your solution is to ask a girl to go shopping with you. I’ve tried every solution possible to

have a taste, and this is the most efficient one. Girls are natural at choosing and matching clothes, plus, they know about the new trends and styles, so you won’t look like a fool. A sister, a friend, your buddy’s girlfriend… Any girl will do on one condition; she must be from your own age group. Don’t go asking your mom to choose clothes for you; she will make you look like a clown or a character from the seventies.

You should look great and you MUST smell fantastic. Women have confessed to me that they will remember a guy by the way he smelled the first time they met him. Smell is so important, if you smell horrible; she will always associate you with something smelling nasty. The same advice applies to choosing a cologne, take a girl who knows about styles and has a great taste and buy at least two or three colognes. The best in my opinion are BOSS by Hugo Boss and one million by Paco Rabanne. They are pricy but not expensive, and they make you smell fantastic. The number one rule when it comes to colognes is don’t put too much.

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