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By | November 11, 2017

Dr Fritjof Capra, PhD (Austrian born American physicist) was born on 1st February 1939 in Vienna, Austria. He earned a Ph D in theoretical physics from the University of Vienna in 1966. He has done research on particle physics and systems theory and has written popular books including the famous book The Tao of Physics.

The book was published in 1975 by a small publisher initially; the book became an underground bestseller by word of mouth before it was picked up by a major American Publishing house. This has been published in 43 editions in 23 languages so far. Millions have read the book.

“To eastern Mystics, objects have a fluid and ever-changing character. Change and transformation, flow and movement, play an essential role in their world view. The cosmos is seen as one inseparable reality, forever in motion. It is alive, organic, spiritual and material at the same time. A very similar view is now emerging from modern physics.”

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