The Red Ear Slider Turtle – Some Interesting Tidbits

By | November 11, 2017

The red ear slider turtle originated in the southern United States but has reached other parts of the world through the pet trade. It is now considered the most common pet turtle. There are some interesting tidbits about this popular turtle you might want to know about.

Many people wonder how to tell the difference between a male and female red ear slider turtle. Longer and fatter tails characterize the males. Males also tend to have longer claws and the cloacal opening is out from beneath the shell. On the other hand, females are characterized with shorter claws and tails with a cloacal opening nearer to the shell and body.

Speaking of male and female turtles, let’s talk about their mating behavior. What’s interesting about their mating behavior is their mating dance! The mating dance of the red ear slider turtle is in fact extremely intricate and enjoyable to observe.

First, the male swims in the direction of the female and begins to touch her face using its front claws. He may also do the same to her front shell. A male red ear slider turtle may circle around the female in attempts to win her attention. Mating will often take place around 15 minutes after the mating dance. However, if the female does not accept the invitation, she may simply ignore the male or start a fight with him.

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