Bedroom So He Will Be Begging For More!

By | November 11, 2017

It is not only women who scream in bed. In fact, contrary to common belief men actually scream quite a bit in bed. That is when they are truly enjoying the sex. If you want to know if your man is having mind-blowing sex, then pay attention to whether he screams when you are having sex.

Make sure you are satisfying your man in bed if you want to keep him. Otherwise, he will go looking for great sex elsewhere. It amazes how many women underestimate how important good sex is to men and how vital it is to having a strong and lasting relationship. It also puzzles me that so many women I come across have no idea how to please a man in the bedroom.

Dance Around When You Are Having Sexual Intercourse: Yes you heard me right, I want you to dance around when his penis is inside you. When are on top you should be moving up and down and to the side. This will excite him big time! When your butt is to his face, you should also be moving around. Men get very bored if a women just stays still during sex.

Give Him A Blow Job: It amazes me how many women avoid giving a man a blow job during sex. You have to realise that men love blow jobs! In fact, some surveys show that some men prefer blow jobs to sex. So if you want your man to really love the sex, you should be sucking his penis!

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