The Story Of Ballerina Virginia Zucchi

By | November 11, 2017

Ballet is an expression that takes grace, stamina, and a good mental outlook for it to become the art form it is meant to be. No one achieved this to the completeness as Italian prima ballerina Virginia Zucchi. She had a different style that added Italian style, and spirit, along with grace, to her dancing, which gave people a new exciting way to look at ballet dancing.

Born in Parma in  Virginia Zucchi studied her art under Lepri and Carlo Blasis in Malian. Her dancing debut took place in 1864 in Varese, at the age of fifteen. During her first year, she danced in Italy, Paris and Berlin. Following that in the year 1885 she spent her summer at Kin Grust in Saint Petersburg. Her success was highlighted by being asked to perform at the Imperial Theater; the Russians were amazed at her Italian dance style. That summer sparked her career, and she was asked to become a part of the Mariinsky Theater in Russia, during the years 1885 to 1888. Just a few of her ballets during that time are The Pharaoh’s Daughter, The King’s Command, Paquita and Mal’ Gardee. Included in this short list was La Esmeralda which was specially reworked for her to perform, it was such an emotional performance, it moved most of her audience to tears.

Following the Mariinsky Theater Virginia Zucchi danced in Saint Petersburg and Moscow with her own established company. Virginia Zucchi also performed in Nice at the Bayreuth Festival and created the Venusberg scene which she preformed in Wagner’s Tannhäuser. In   she performed in The Opera of Paris. Her final performance was in Milan during the year

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