Jeff Dexter to Write His Memoirs

By | November 11, 2017

There is one book on the Sixties I can’t wait to read when it finally comes out. Jeff Dexter is in the process of writing his memoirs and I predict this will be the seminal book on the Sixties and Seventies thriving music scene. Born Dexter Jeffery Bedwell on August 15th 1946 in Lambeth London, Dexter started out as a dancer and singer, progressing to be a well-known DJ, promoter, rock band manager, record producer, club host and events organiser.

Jeff Dexter has made almost every move in and around the entertainment industry. Starting with Mecca Dancing in 1961, he was a dancer & singer with Cyril Stapleton’s Orchestra at London’s Lyceum Ballroom, where he was banned for obscenity after doing The Twist on the dance floor. Dexter was also a band boy when on the road, which entailed looking after all the props, extra instruments & sheet music. During his days at the Lyceum, Dexter became a Disc Jockey and MC on the Record Hops, working with Ian “Sammy” Samwell, and also Jimmy Savile (then the Ballroom Manager at Leeds Locarno). Dexter also worked with many other dance bands, and in other London venues, began and presenting the new beat bands.

Dexter helped take Britain’s first mobile record hop on the road in February 1962, beginning at Greenwich Town Hall followed by other regular promotions in Brighton and Croydon. He also became a partner in a record promotion company with Tony Calder. The first record they promoted together was Love Me Do. Dexter gave up his singing career after he had to follow Ike & Tina Turner at the Hammersmith Palais. Dexter and Samwell hosted many late night record shows at night clubs in London’s West End, including The Flamingo in Wardour Street, The Roaring Twenties in Carnaby Street, and The Crazy Elephant in Jermyn Street.

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