Unique Culture in Thailand

By | November 11, 2017

Thailand is a country with a long and rich history. Thailand is also one of those countries which have many traditions which modern times fortunately have not affected. Thailand is renowned for its unique culture that has been notorious around the globe. Thai culture is especially well known for its distinctiveness. It is well worth noting that Thai culture has traditionally been handed down from one generation to the next.

The inspiring Thai culture includes inspiring local music and wonderful Thai dances. The culture furthermore includes of course its deep rooted Buddhist religion, martial arts, crafts and beautiful clothing.

Visitors to Thailand can experience Thai culture by witnessing one of the Thai classical dance performances. These classical dance performances are generally performed by gracious Thai ladies wearing beautiful Thai local costumes.

These special Thai dances are fortunately still popular throughout Thailand including with the present younger Thai generations. Most resort areas and many hotels frequently offer these special Thai culture dance shows for foreign visitors.

The unique Thai gesture of greeting another person, the Wai, is especially one of the greatest aspects of the culture. The Wai is when a person joins both hands to either head or chest level while bending their head slightly towards their hands.

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