How to Touch a Girl

By | November 12, 2017

Touching and caressing a girl forms a very major part of foreplay that will not only heat up the moment but will also earn you extra brownie points for being a romantic lover. The female body is very beautiful and there are lots of places to explore apart from her breasts, butt and vagina. Knowledge of how to touch these parts will be a great addition to your armoury in order to give her a fantastic orgasm that she will always look forward to every night. So lets explore these regions:

Thighs: Being very close to vagina, the thighs of a woman are filled with sensitive nerve endings that send tingles down her spine at the slightest of touch. Restrain yourself and avoid going up to her vagina, instead breathe down her thighs and kiss them softly. Move sidewards to the inner thighs and continue kissing while moving upwards, teasing her and pulling back just short of vagina. This will make her crazy and absolutely revved up for some more action.

Ears: Ears are one of the most neglected parts during the foreplay session even though fondling with them is extremely arousing for a girl. Its not your fault that you do not pay attention to it because most of the time it is hidden away with all the hair covering it. Touching, kissing and even biting the earlobes have proved to be very effective turn-ons for women. However, make sure you do not go on licking the insides of her ear.

Collarbone: Many guys find a well-defined collarbone of a woman enticing but during sex it gets ignored because they get busier with the breasts and vagina. While you are undressing your girlfriend open the top two buttons of her shirt so as to expose her collarbone and kiss it softly. As an improvisation, I would advise you to move up to her neck and plant few kisses there and also go sideways and softly bite her shoulders before you remove her shirt fully, this will make her go mad and you will notice an aggressive sexual spark in her.

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