How to Date a Girl With Trust Issues

By | November 12, 2017

Trust in a relationship is a funny, fragile thing. On the one hand, it is a basic essential ingredient of a successful partnership between you and your lover. A relationship just does not work without it. On the other hand, when it disappears, bad things happen. The relationship may well go right down the drain.

Even if it is not wrecked completely, it will be a slow and difficult job to get things back on an even keel. In a word, once bitten, twice shy. Or, to put it another way, if a man cheated or abused her (verbally or physically), why should she trust him or anyone again? HOW can she put her faith in someone again? Answer: she can’t. At least not for now.

It is a common reaction to blame all men for the sins of her boyfriend or spouse. And do not rush to judgement here. Men do the same thing and react much the same way, when faced with betrayal and lack of trust from their girlfriends. The point is, you need to keep all this unpleasant stuff in the back of your mind, when dating a girl who has trouble trusting you or any man.

She may not tell you why or what happened to her, at least not at first. But it is probably because there was a lack of trust in a relationship that she was recently in. If you continue to go out with this girl, you will no doubt soon get all the gory details.

For now, though, you must be patient. You need to show her that you are not like her ex boyfriend who treated her badly, even though you do not know exactly what happened. It does not matter right now. Just do the right thing, always, without exception, starting with the small stuff.

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