How to Use Mental Foreplay to Your Woman Wild

By | November 12, 2017

Every night he and his woman go to bed, he is hoping and praying she will want sex. He turns to her but she rejects his advances. A pattern has been set.

Going to bed means he is going to want sex. Going to bed means sex is assumed. She knows sex is a given. She is only going to do it if she feels like it, but nothing has been done to make her feel like it. This is boring for her, and frustrating for him. Even worse… it continually reduces her interest in sex.

A big mistake that men make is they wait until going to bed to start foreplay. That gets boring for women. She doesn’t want sex to be assumed. And worse, it makes her feel objectified; she feels like she is perceived as just a body, not as a person.

Here’s the thing most guys don’t understand… You can’t wait until going to bed to start seducing your woman. Once in bed, it is too late.

Instead, you must always be seducing her. Seduction goes on all the time. This is done with “Mental Foreplay”. Throughout the day you must use mental foreplay to keep her at least ‘warm’ for what might come later.

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