How To Lick Out A Woman

By | November 12, 2017

More women would rather have cunnilingus then sexual intercourse. The best thing about cunnilingus is that it requires very little practice. By performing the act you’ll be able to make your partner reach new heights of satisfaction. Outlined below are some tips on how to lick out a woman.

This is probably the most important step of all. When you perform any sexual act you should always try to warm her up beforehand. Women respond best to romance, so before you go down on her make sure you throw in a sensual touch. Try kissing her neck or gently rubbing her skin between her legs. Remember to make everything as slow and sensual as possible.

It’s very important to give the whole vaginal region attention and not just the clit. The entrance has the most nerve endings, so it’s always a good place to begin. Moving up towards her clit after a few minutes of stimulation is always a good idea, but don’t rush. You want to tease her a little before you really start to work.

As I previously stated. Most of the nerve endings are in the entrance of the vagina. Softly lick around the vaginal lips and then dip your tongue inside in a circular motion. This way you’ll be able to hit all of sensitive spots, which will certainly get her juices flowing.

When you feel like she is ready move on; start off gently, slowly moving back and forth between the clit and the vagina opening. Adjust your pressure accordingly. At this point you must listen to her reactions to gauge what she likes best. This is where most women differ.

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