r Sperm And Make Your Girlfriend

By | November 12, 2017

Just like men, women like sexual intercourse as well. But when it comes to oral sex, not every girlfriend or wife is actually (big) fan of it.

Have you ever wondered why is that so? Why is that certain women are literally addicted to such type of sex while others hate it?Well, unfortunately I cannot give you a complete answer to these questions. But I know one thing:

Women Love Sperm That Has Delicious Taste!That is correct, women pay attention to the taste of your sperm every time they are providing an oral sex to a man!Let’s imagine for a second that you have just started to date hot, sexy looking girl.

After a couple of dates you invite her to your place and the action starts. Very soon you notice is that this girl is very into oral sex. In fact, the first thing she does is occupy your member below and start kissing it with her tongue.Once she is done, all you can say to yourself is: Wow! That was amazing! I want more as soon as possible!Here Is What Can Happen When Your Sperm Has a Weird Taste:

Few days later you invite her back to your place again, expecting to experience the same mind-blowing oral sex.But to your surprise, she is not interested in kissing your member below anymore. In fact, she stays away from it completely!

Naturally, you start wondering how come that happened. How come that few days ago she couldn’t get away from your willy, and now she is avoiding it completely?

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