Girl Cliques – The Roles Teen Girls Play

By | November 12, 2017

The sophisticated social structure of teenage Girl World is full of social intrigue and provides a political landscape for some teen girls to assume social power over their peers. Girl cliques are complex and multilayered and most girls assume a role within the clique. Social positions within the clique are not static, as a girl can lose her position within the hierarchy to another girl, and can move up and down the social totem pole.

In her book, “Queen Bees and Wannabes,” author Rosalind Wiseman suggests there are at least seven (7) different roles that girls assume within the structure of a social clique. These roles make up the social fabric within the clique and determine how each child will influence or impact relationships with the others around them.

The leader of the clique is usually the Queen Bee. For this girl, her popularity is based on fear and control. Through a combination of charisma, looks, money, will, force and manipulation, this girl reigns supreme among her peers and may weaken friendships between the other girls, thereby strengthening her own power and influence. Most Queen Bees aren’t willing to recognize the cruelty of their actions. She’s the center of attention and people value being around her energy and power.

The second in command within the girl clique is the Sidekick. She’s closest to the Queen Bee and will back her up no matter what in a thirst to siphon some of her power. She shares the mannerisms (and many times clothing style!) of the Queen Bee. Together they appear to the other girls as an impenetrable force. Many times they bully and silence the other girls to forward their own agenda.

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