The Advantages Of Using An Video Spokesperson

By | November 13, 2017

A website can literally come to life with an online video spokesperson. Actually having a person put on screen talking about a site’s promos and features increases interest and interactivity among users. While many websites may have videos on their site, the online video spokesperson technology is a different experience all together. The virtual spokesperson is on top of the site not in it so the effect is that of 3-dimensionality or of that person being in the same room as the user. The illusion of a person directly talking to the viewer stimulates not only his sense of seeing and hearing, it also stimulates in him an emotion of being close to another human being. Of being personally addressed by that person. Personal service is a feature in customer relations that consumers are willing to pay top dollar for and web marketers are taking full advantage of this.

All legitimate companies have or are in the process of having Audio Visual Presentations to help market their products and services. These AVPs are shown in conferences, seminars, and other venues wherein the company would like to make its presence felt. A virtual spokesperson, especially if done by the CEO of the company himself, will make the presentation more interesting and easier to understand. This method of presentation would eliminate the need for a personal appearance of that person during the event and would effectively make his face and name synonymous with that of the company’s. It would also eliminate boredom among viewers and generate more interest in the company that is giving the presentation.

Virtual spokespersons in commercials are a common practice and have been in use for many years. This method is particularly effective when trying to create an atmosphere of professionalism as in lecture halls. The virtual spokesperson would be in front of a screen and the words “scientific study” would be used and immediately that person would be viewed as an authority. It harkens back to the time during school days when the teacher is in front of a class and giving authoritative lectures.

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