How to Dance – Turns and Spins Series – Inside Swivels

By | November 13, 2017

Turns and spins are fun to do; however, they require some specific skills. You must first become aware of the different types of turns and the most common problems you might encounter. Then you are ready to start your adventure in turns.

Very simply, there are only two directions in which you can rotate on a standing foot; towards the outside of the foot or towards the inside of the foot. For example, if you are standing on the left foot and rotate left, you would be turning towards the outside of the supporting foot; if you rotate right, you would be turning towards the inside of the supporting foot.

From these two directions, you can execute five types of turns or rotations:By learning these 5 types of rotating actions you will be on your way to mastering any type of turn or rotation in any pattern. There are four main factors that can influence your ability to turn:Your ability to maintain your balance on the supporting leg-columnYour ability to swivel the supporting foot enough to complete the turn

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