What to Do When He’s Not Romantically Interested But I Want Him to Be? Follow This Right Now

By | November 15, 2017

Sometimes men are just out to have a good time. But if you are looking for something serious then you wouldn’t want to feel as if you have wasted your time and energy on a lost cause. But if a man is not romantically interested then here is what you can do to change that.

When you want a man to be interested in you, you have to first get him to enjoy your company. Go all out and have a really fun time with your man. Do crazy things to show him your wild side at the same time show him the mature you as well.

Understand that men don’t want to get romantically interested only because they feel that once they do so, the woman in their life will try to control him. He is afraid of losing his independence and freedom. So make him feel free with you if you want him to get romantically interested in you.

Another way to get a man romantically interested is by using the law of push and pull. Just as he is getting really interested in you act a little aloof. As soon as you make him work for your attention he will get interested in you.

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