Really Likes You in a Serious Way

By | November 15, 2017

You are acquainted with a guy and have been on talking terms with him, yet you do not know if he is romantically interested in you or is he just being nice and decent. To know if he is romantically interested you will have to do some face, mind and body language reading. Here are some signs that will tell you his true feelings.

Whenever you meet him you get the feeling that he is genuinely pleased to meet you. His greeting is genuine and there is no hint of formality in it. When he sees you he comes towards you with a smile that reaches his ears. Lack or absence of phoney greetings means that is romantically interested in you.

If he is constantly trying to impress you with either his good behavior or with his special talents then it means that he wants to be romantically linked with you. He will not do this with other girls.

Because he is romantically interested in you he can’t get you out of his mind. He will be discussing you with his friends and colleagues. Even his family will know a lot about in spite of never meeting you.

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