Has Feelings for You or Not

By | November 15, 2017

There is this guy you are spending quite a bit of your time with and maybe have gone out on an occasional date with him. Now you want to find out if he is interested in you romantically. Just be on the lookout for certain signs and you will know what you need to know…

Just see how he is with his friends, even his female friends for that matter and compare it with how he is when he is with you. If you find that he treats you differently and as someone special, you know he has romance in his mind.

If you find him using every trick in the book to find ways of meeting up with you, let it dawn on you that now for him you have become more than just a friend and that romance is in the air, at least for him.

If he always has nothing but good and nice things to say about you to his friends and people around him, it means that he has fallen for you well and proper. And if this behaviour extends to his family, it shows that he wants to romance you.

He never forgets any of the days that are special to you. He is the first one to call you on your Birthday; his call is the first one on the New Year’s Eve. Maybe his calls are also followed by a well thought of greeting card. These are signs he is romantically interested in you.

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