With Me! Here Is How to Easily Know

By | November 15, 2017

Before feeling elated at his good manners and considerate ways you need to know that the guy is genuinely interested in you romantically. This one thing is essential so that you don’t feel heart broken and defeated. Just look out for these signs and you will have your answer.

This phenomenon is difficult to describe; at best it can be compared to the way a mother looks at her child. The indulgent look with a hint of smile on his lips will tell you he has romantic feelings for you.

He patiently listens to you when you speak and appears spellbound by your chatter. He loves your voice so much that he calls you often and makes small polite conversations. This proves his romantic interest in you.

After knowing you for a few days he does not waste any time in approaching you for a date. He knows that with your looks and manners he needs to move in fast otherwise he will have to deal with competitors. These are the signs of a guy that is romantically interested in you.

He is the first person to call you on your birthday or on New Year’s Day and wish you. In fact he will also call you on woman’s day and send you a thoughtfully hand written card. These compliments are reserved for people he likes and you are one of them.

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