Interested in Me Or is Just Being Nice? Here is How to Be Sure About It

By | November 15, 2017

The question many women have is: How do you tell the difference between a primal sexual attraction and a desire for romantic involvement? What does it look like when a man wants you physically, and how is it different from when a man wants everything from you and the physical aspect is just a single aspect?

Here’s some ways you can tell whether that cute guy has developed feelings for you (or knows that chances are good that he will), and how to avoid a guy that only wants…well…one thing that has nothing to do with romance.

If a guy cares about your opinion and knows that he’ll want you around for a while, he’ll be concerned about being a good listener.

It isn’t hard to tell whether or not a guy is paying attention when you’re talking; if he cuts you off and starts talking about someone else, guess what? He sucks at listening and probably isn’t that into you. If he looks you in the eyes and asks questions about what you are actually saying, you have a potential winner on your hands.

A guy can show his respect and good intentions by inviting you on real dates that are now viewed as somewhat old-fashioned. Examples are going to see a movie, a sit-down mean in a nice restaurant, etc.

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