Romantically Interested in Me and Wants to Be With Me! Now You Will Know the Truth

By | November 15, 2017

If you’ve been spending much time with a certain guy but you’re not sure whether he’d also be interested in you romantically, what do you think you can do to know? Would you ask him? Or would you ask his friends? Sometimes all you have to see are certain signs:

Observe how he greets his friends – even some of his girl friends. You will know that he’s romantically interested in you if he has an extra special treatment just for you. See also how he breaks into a smile the moment he sees you.

This guy is always looking for opportunities to impress you and so it’s common to see him showing off his talents. This is something that he would only want to do in front of you but not in front of other people.

Because he’s romantically attracted to you, he can’t do much to get you out of his mind. His friends will hear nothing but good things about you. Even his folks will get their dose of she’s-a-wonderful-woman chatter from him.

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