Here Is How to Be Certain About It

By | November 15, 2017

Men are known for their sexual desires toward women. If this is so, how can you then tell if he’s just playing you (to get some free sex) or if he’s zeroing in for romance? Here are 7 telltale signs that he’s into you big time…Pay very close attention to the following points…

A guy whose eyes appear glazed while you talk isn’t that into you yet. But the one who listens with full intent while you say your piece is one who’s really romantically interested in you. This guy would also look you straight in the eyes as you speak and he can respond to all of your questions without any hesitation.

Of course this isn’t all about the money that he burns. As he takes you out on actual dates, he would also tell his intentions and you would feel his sincerity as he does this. He would also respect you as a lady should be treated.

And he would never be caught dead doing the things that you detest. He’ll know what color you would prefer and which food you are allergic to.

He doesn’t only talk about his family and friends, he actually lets you meet them.
If he’s in it for a long period of time, then you’d notice that he’d discuss things that only his closest social circles would know. He’ll also want you to meet his folks. This is your man hinting that he’s dead serious with you and that you’re not just one of his past times.

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