Is There Any Way to Tell If a Man Has Had Thoughts of You Romantically? Follow These Pointers

By | November 15, 2017

Many times a woman is not really sure if a guy is romantically interested in her or not. Sometimes a look, a smile or a certain gesture is not enough proof of his interest and attraction towards you. Here are some tips that will help you to know for sure whether he has romantic thoughts of you.

One of the first things you will notice is that he has become more friendly, encouraging and positive with you. He will be ever ready to be there – courteous, kind, patient and friendly. There will be no doubt that he is sending you positive vibes that tell you that he is more than just interested in you.

Have you noticed that he has begun to look at you, smile at you and even gaze at you more than ever? Check out his reaction when you enter the room. Does he immediately light up? Is his radiant smile for you alone? If the answer to these questions is “yes” then -he is romantically interested in you.

This might be a little embarrassing – but whenever someone is being critical or slightly rude to you, he will immediately jump to your defense! He will not hesitate to defend you and show everyone that he thinks that you are “perfect”! This is because he is besotted with you and is romantically interested.

If he has been having romantic thoughts about you, he will try to be wherever you are. He will begin to haunt your favorite places and every time you turn your head you will find yourself making eye contact with him. This is proof that he is madly interested in you and can’t wait to become your boyfriend.

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