Be The Alpha Male And Bust Out Of Her Friend Zone

By | November 15, 2017

Hate just being friends with the woman of your dreams? Wish you could convince her to give you a chance romantically? Then it is time to embrace your inner Alpha-ness, and bust out of what is really holding you back, the dreaded friend zone.

Once she has put you into her friend zone, most people think it is impossible to break out, that you will never be able to change her mind. But people reassess their opinions frequently, but you must give them a reason to do so. Following your normal pattern will produce normal results; results she has already used to form her opinion of you. Want different results? You must embrace a different pattern, which will produce new results she will use to reassess you.

Change your look, change her mind.

Women are socialized to respond to Alpha males, because they are the most desirable mates. If your friend is not interested in you romantically, it is because she does not perceive you as an Alpha male. So you must change her mind, by bringing forth your Alpha nature. And you do this by changing your appearance, in particular, by changing the way you dress. That is easily said, but how are you supposed to dress, you ask. Like a rock star.

Think about it: a rock star is the proverbial Alpha male, confident, talented, and sexy. They can dress outlandishly, and pull it off because of their supreme confidence. They don’t care what others think of them; they march to their own drummer.

This doesn’t mean to dress outlandishly, just dress with a more rock and roll vibe. And adopt the attitude that goes with it. Look at pictures of rock stars on stage, study their facial expressions and body language, and copy it. Practice in the mirror, if necessary, and make it second nature. And, most importantly, play it up in public. Watch for reactions; if you are getting them, you are on the right track.

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