Knowing How Your Ex Boyfriend Feels About You

By | November 15, 2017

There are good signs and bad signs when it comes to finding out how your ex boyfriend might feel about you. If you ended things on a positive note, he’ll have mostly good memories. If you had a lot of fighting and arguing toward the end, don’t despair – many couples run into such rough patches just before they break up. Even if some really bad things were said between you and your ex boyfriend prior to the break up, the relationship you once had might still be salvageable… if you can determine how he feels about your past history together.

If you and your ex have kept in touch after breaking up, this can be a good sign. A guy who hasn’t stopped talking to you is still keeping his foot in the door of the relationship, preventing it from fully closing. If you’re the one initiating contact, you’re probably showing him that you’re interested in dating again. But if he’s making just as much contact as you are, and initiating his own phone calls or emails, chances are he might be interested in getting back together as well.

The question then becomes timing. When is a good time to approach your ex about going out again? There’s no set answer to that question, but I will say this: the longer you can go without seeing each other, the more anger and friction will dissipate between the two of you. Eventually, that bad stuff fades away – leaving only the good times, laughter, and fun romantic memories. These memories are your allies when it comes to getting back your ex boyfriend. They will help remind him of the spark the two of you once had together.

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