Fears Relationship Commitment

By | November 15, 2017

There are several signs that a man fears a relationship commitment with a woman, even though he may love her very much. Some of them are obvious, while other signs are the result of a more serious condition, known as commitment phobic. Commitments take time to nurture and grow, and if its only one sided it isn’t going to grow much at all.

He always seems to be the one has ended the relationships, that the other ex’s were all silly or stupid, and does not like public displays of affection. He is very uncomfortable and may even get angry if bring up topics like commitment or marriage. He postpones or forgets all together important dates or events. Its almost as if he doesn’t want to be around you at all, but when you bring up the idea that maybe you are going to leave, he is beside himself with sadness. He vows to let down his guard but it very rarely happens.

He will not call you his girlfriend or lover, simply his friend. He does not acknowledge you at all romantically in front of his friends, and will not discuss you with his family, even if you know them. Forget about introducing him to your family, because he’s just not into it. In fact, he as a hard time making a commitment to anything, such as a pet or material objects. He has a great entitlement mentality.

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