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By | November 16, 2017

Philippine girls are known to be quiet, demure, and conservative. Most of the time, they will just reward you with their alluring smiles without words. You might ask yourself, “How will I impress such a woman?” They are not very vocal about what they want yet you are sure that they are expecting something from you, be it a gift, a gesture, or some positive words or praise maybe. You might need some tips on how to impress a quiet Philippine girl. Here are 5 tips that you should consider.

When it comes to material things, Philippine women are not hard to impress. Of course, just like any other females all over the world, they are also impressed with cool cars, nice house, and other expensive things. However, you can impress a Philippine woman by giving her simple gifts such as flowers, chocolates, or other foods especially if you also bring something for their family especially their mothers.

them by going to their house and taking time and exerting an effort to meet her family and have a small chat with them. Going to a Filipina’s house does not necessarily mean you are going to marry her or that you have to be seriously committed with her. It is just a matter of showing respect for her parents. You can do this even if you are just on the getting-to-know-each-other stage. It is also a plus point if you were able to impress and build rapport with her family.

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