Is There Such A Thing As A Romantic Camping Getaway In Minnesota?

By | October 17, 2017

Good day to you and thank you for this opportunity. My dad was pretty
active in the outdoors. After leaving the Navy he opened a hobby shop that
carried a lot of sporting goods. I was able, as a boy growing up in eastern
Missouri, a chance to try out all sorts of equipment – lures, rifles, bows
and arrows. Also, since my dad enjoyed camping, we took advantage of the
myriad places in Missouri to primitive camp. My cousins lived there, too,
and they were avid campers as well. So, since I was about seven, I spent a
good portion of every summer outdoors.

By the time I was thinking of college – back in the late 6O’s, my folks were
divorced and I had been living with my mom during the school years. I wanted
to maintain some outdoor exposure so I decided to go into Forestry at the
University of Minnesota, on the St. Paul campus. All those factors and my
growing love of the natural sciences still keep me going to this day.

As many of our readers are interested in romantic getaways, could you
describe eight of the most romantic and unique camping areas in Minnesota?
Why are they romantic?

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