How to Get the Girl Door

By | November 16, 2017

Everyone would love of that ‘girl next door’ scenario where you can sneak next door when you please to a rather inviting hot female. You have some fun; you head home just after midnight.

Wherever you live if there is an opportunity to seduce a neighbour, take advantage of it! For you young guys out there, you have the best opportunities when you’re in your student accommodation. You share the same corridor with 100 other chicks!

For you older guys, you don’t walk directly past her door everyday, but im sure there is one on your street that you can’t help but take a second glance at.

Picking up your neighbour is a warm approach in some ways; you already have something in common, you share the same road name. It’s only polite to get to know your neighbours so she should be more open to start that initial conversation than some girl in a bar.

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