Girls Don’t Like Most In A Man

By | November 16, 2017

Being overly pretentious is what Filipino girls don’t like most in a man. It’s one thing to please a Filipina, but a completely different thing to go the extent of pretending to be someone you really are not. There are certain qualities that Filipina women are looking for in a man, but it does not mean that you will do a complete revamp of your personality just to fit in the shoes, so to speak. Of course, if the change is done for the right reasons, then well and good, but if the sole reason for the change in attitude is simply to get a woman’s attention, and not at all wholeheartedly done, eventually your real self will begin to resurface, which may turn the woman off for good.

I’m not at all saying that you cannot anymore change certain qualities about you. After all, there are desirable qualities that only take some discipline to achieve, like for instance, being on time. Filipina girls like their men to be on time most of the time, at least, if not every time. If you have had a habit of being late in your appointments, this is one thing you can easily work on as it only takes, yes, discipline, to get your time organized in a way that you will not miss your appointments. And this is one change of habit that is going to reap many great rewards sooner or later, other than winning the heart of your girl, that is.

It’s the same thing with being thoughtful, a quality that’s also desired by Filipino women. If you’re not by nature a thoughtful person, that, too, can be changed, although there is no guarantee that it can be done overnight. From being a rather thoughtless person to a thoughtful one should not take a lot of hard work, but it pays to have a lot of determination. Starting your journey to eventually becoming thoughtful does not require a lot of monetary investment, either, because as the saying goes, it’s not the gift that matters; rather, it’s the thought that counts. Being thoughtful means making time to remember a loved one, whether through inspiring messages sent through text or email, or some other means. Surely, this is something you can do everyday, right? Once the habit grows into you, showing thoughtfulness in some other ways, ultimately becomes second nature to you.

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