James Bond Girls – What Defines a Bond Girl?

By | November 16, 2017

James Bond girls are envied by women and adored by men. Their sophisticated beauty, scantily-clad bodies, and uncanny intelligence have made them as iconic as the man who swept them off their feet, James Bond.

In a spectrum of James Bond films, we have seen good Bond girls, evil Bond vixens and sadistic henchwomen, all of whom pushing the boundaries of fashion and bending gender roles. And in every film, we see James Bond become enmeshed between two beautiful ladies who would either end up as his lovers or as his enemies. In fact, nearly all Fleming’s Bond novels and short stories would include two or more James Bond girls depicted as catalysts to reinforce the plot.

It is also remarkable how these James Bond girls change the definition of beauty that transcends race, color and identity. All Bond women are considered beautiful in their own fashion. Always confident and smart, the girls in Bond’s life are no newbie when it comes to sexuality. In films, they proudly flaunt their stunning figures in gowns or in most cases, in their underwear and bikini. One of the most remembered James Bond girl scene would probably be Giancinta Johnson’s first encounter with our favorite secret agent. Clad in a stunning orange bikini, the first black Bond girl instantly had James Bond ‘loving the view of the sea’.

Bond girls are almost always defined by names with sexual innuendos—Pussy Galore, Kissy Suzuki, Sukie Tempesta and (how could we forget?) Xenia Onatopp. The reason behind this is not really explained, but it sure is enough to make audience remember these girls’ names if not their roles in Bond’s conquest to save the world. Likewise, these girls are not innocent when it comes to sexual ventures in any way. More often than not, they are actually as experienced in terms of that turf as 007 is.

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