Love With You – With Forbidden Psychology Triggers

By | November 16, 2017

If you are one of the guys who are determined to get a girl to fall in love “by hook or by crook,” then maybe you have already heard a lot about Forbidden Psychology. For some time now, it has been creating a stir in dating communities due to that “F” word in the term-restricted, evil. So the question is: are you going to use it to gain the love of your life?

Forbidden Psychology can be described as the collective principle involving hypnosis, persuasion and well, psychology. It is actually a highly-guarded secret, but which many guys have used for attracting the girls they really like. Here are a few examples that are reminiscent of this technique:

Mind Manipulation – To murder a famous saying, the best way to a woman’s heart is through her mind. Dominating a girl’s thoughts is a tactic that has yielded positive results on dating guys. It works by using contradicting responses to derail the girl’s initial repulsive reaction.

Creating Confusion – It involves literally messing up with a girl’s thoughts. It differs from the one mentioned above in that it doesn’t require a guy to control the mind fully but simply getting it confused. By confusing a girl, the thought of the guy makes her develop a subconscious obsession. A guy should alternate the feelings of being attracted and being reserved. Forbidden Psychology tells us that there are good chances at getting a girl fall in love through this shrewd tactic.

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