How to Turn a Woman on

By | November 16, 2017

Today I am going off course a bit. I have been receiving emails asking a lot of different questions, but one subject keeps coming up more often than others.

Most guys automatically think they are great in the sack. That they have the skills to drive women crazy in bed. The bad news – this is rarely the case. The good news – this stuff can be taught!

Sex is important. If you can bring a women to a level of sexual pleasure she has never experienced before, she will never forget you. You will instantly be a legend in her mind, and her attraction towards you will skyrocket.

Today I am going to look at how to turn a woman on. Below I have listed a few things you can do in order to drive your woman wild.

Sensual language – There is a big difference between sensual language and sexual language. Girls like to hear ideas, feelings and emotions described in detail in a sensual way. Voice tone, or a “sexy voice” is a big plus.

Touching – This is a HUGE part of turning a girl on. Most guys rush past this part without realizing how important it is. Girls like to be touched, caressed, stroked, cuddled etc. Now you don’t do this whenever you are with her, but when you are alone with her, make sure to dedicate some time in this area.

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