How to Ask a Girl Out in Spanish

By | November 16, 2017

If you are wondering how to ask a girl out in Spanish, you might need more than a little advice. Learning a single phrase might impress her for a moment. But, how do you plan to keep her attention?

If you know that she speaks English and Spanish, you might think it would impress her to ask her out in her native language. But, unless she knows you, she might think that you speak the language well.

This could be awkward right from the beginning. If her answer is anything other than “si”, you won’t know what she is saying. If she speaks no English, she may appreciate your effort. She might be willing to teach you words and phrases. That could be your first night out.

The dialect is another thing to consider. Is she from Latin America or Spain? The language spoken in Latin America is referred to as Espanol. But, there are dozens of different dialects. It can be hard for someone from Bolivia, for example, to understand someone from Mexico.

Hopefully, you have not been discouraged by all of this. It’s great to take a chance. The worst answer you can get is “no”. So, without further ado, here’s how to ask a girl out in Spanish.

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