How to Impress a Girl With One Skill and the 3 “C’s”

By | November 18, 2017

Did you know that 18,100 guys search the words “how to impress a girl” in Google each and every month. Chances are… that’s how you found this article.

With such a common question, you would think the answer might be hard, when in fact it’s quite easy if you continue below.

There is one skills and three “C’s” that are the secret of how to impress a girl.

Confidence, Competence and Curiosity are the 3 “C’s,” the one skill is down below a bit.

Women are attracted to confident men, this is no surprise. They also like a man who is “competent,” can take care of himself, and if the need arises, take care of her too. Even ultra-liberal feminists like a guy who has the ability to take care of her, even if he never has to do it.

Being competent in you who you are, your job, your skills and your life breeds confidence in yourself. Working on yourself to become competent in everything you do and then impressing girls will come very naturally.

The third and final “C” is Curiosity, and it’s the most important. If you can’t make a woman curious about who you are…and how you are as a date, a lover, a boyfriend, a husband or a friend…you’re never going to get to first base with a girl.

But how do you spark Curiosity and keep it? What do girls find interesting in a man? At first, it might sound strange, but one of the most curiosity-inducing skills that you can learn how to impress a girl is to use pick up artist magic tricks.

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