Marriage Proposals – Creative Ways to Pop the Question

By | October 17, 2017

Is it the right time to ask your special someone The Question? Whether standing on two feet or on bended knees, making your marriage proposal can be a very scary and exciting event. And you’d want to get it right, too. About 60% of engaged people say their proposal could have been better. If the hopeless romantic in you wants the perfect pitch, here are some creative ways to pop the question:

Tongue tied? Let a jigsaw puzzle say what you want. This is one of the many creative ways to pop the question. Have a special jigsaw puzzle designed with your proposal printed and then have it cut. Ask your loved one to help you put it together and when it’s nearing completion, excuse yourself to go to the bathroom or some fake errand and fetch the ring. Make sure he or she has completed the puzzle before you re-enter the room and pop the question.

Go on a treasure hunt is one of the creative ways to pop the question. Remember the reality TV show National Treasure? Why don’t you create a treasure hunting expedition of your own? Consider all the places that have special meaning to you both – the bar where you met, the place where you had your first date, the park bench where you first kissed, the favorite spot in the park where you liked to picnic, etc.

Plant a clue on each spot and then give her a treasure map. You can use romantic poems or quotes to begin each clue or use lines that rhyme for the clues. Once you’ve reached the last stop (the place where you’re going to pop the question), bring out the ring.

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