How You Will React If the Recent

By | November 18, 2017

Technology with its rapid growth brings both good and bad effects with it. While many of us enjoy taking ourselves in our newly bought iPhone or Nokia N series phone, some of us… rarely… very rarely… get astonished to see them online.

What if the video you took in the bedroom is sold in black market as a “New Delhi MMS of newly married couple” with thousand other innocent couple videos collected by porn peddlers and sold as a sex tape in a CD?

On the way of talking Albert told me suddenly, “I got shocked to hear my voice on a YouTube video, where a naked guy talks to his girlfriend”. Before my expression, he replied, “that was not me but that voice was so similar. I used to take videos with my girlfriend. My mobile crashed recently and I gave it to service center without removing memory stick. I get restless when I see those videos in YouTube. I still have a doubt… what if one of those videos get uploaded? it will be regretful for lifetime and beyond”

It is natural he thinks like that, as he involves in meeting new girls and make friends on Internet.

And the last time I went to my friend room and waited as he was going for bathing, he said, “hey check my mobile, I have a collection of real home made videos”.

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