21 Tips for Being a Master Socialite

By | November 19, 2017

Initially you may have to pay the minimal cover charge, consider this an investment in your social proof. As you get to know the organizers better they will hook you up. Initially you may not know anyone at the events, this is ok, go anyway bring a friend if you have someone who will go with you.

Guest list is primarily a tool that event marketers use to get people in the door. Shot the event marketer a text message, email or social media message asking…

Obviously its them and in my experience the vast majority of the time they are happy to hook you up. Ask for at least a   guest list. That way you can invite you friends (who don’t know the way this system works) and tell them to drop your name at the door. This is another great way of increasing social proof.

There are instances when a guest list is not a marketing tool and when the door cover is major revenue center for the event organizers. In these cases you should just pay the cover to show your support for the event or contact the event organizer about getting involved, more on this below.

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