The Barn Dance

By | November 20, 2017

Have you ever had a dream that seemed so real that you could recall every detail and felt it resonating in your being long afterwards? How about trying to crack a problem for hours that just wouldn’t give, only to wake up with the solution? If so, you’ve had a glimpse of the parallel reality that James Twyman accessed, that caused such a shift in his life.

Whether or not you are skeptical about the idea of the afterlife, “The Barn Dance” is compelling reading. Twyman tells the true and intensely personal story of the tragic murder of the love of his life to a random murder. Spanning a period of 20 years, the former monk turned spiritual musician and author explores with deep candor how the conflicting emotions of pride, love, ambition, hurt and guilt impact our lives and relationships, and keep on doing so until we recognize and release their hold on us.

Driven by an inner compulsion, James revisits the scene of a near fatal skid he had on the trip back to Oregon with his daughter, after his wife’s death. What he sees as he looks over the precipice he so narrowly missed plunging over, draws him down to the bottom of a canyon where he gets lost. He falls asleep, and enters into a series of experiences that span the tenuous border between reality and the dream state.

Whether you believe that he crossed over into a parallel dimension, or was just having a lucid dream, his journey was life changing, and not only for him! He takes us along with him as he struggles to understand its meaning, and I’m sure most readers will find a strong personal resonance with his quest. His revelations will trigger our own, and his catharsis can bring on ours.

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