The Waggle Dance –

By | November 20, 2017

Chance encounters can cause unplanned effects. Three days ago, I gave blood to the Red Cross. The Red Cross volunteer happened to be a bee keeper. From her, I learned a great deal of information about the habits and care of honey bees, including the Waggle Dance. Bee keepers have learned that a bee that has information about the location of flowers, a water source, and even a new nest site, will perform a peculiar figure eight dance to communicate that information to the other bees.

Fast forward to last night. On TV, I watched Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders at the Democratic debate in Charleston, SC. Both of them performed a waggle dance of sorts, and since both of them are Democrats, the figure eight dance was decidedly to the left, with Bernie dancing very far left to socialist ideals and Hillary dancing only as far left as Barack Obama has danced. To be clear, both of these candidates are in a dead heat in the polls and they have chosen to use last night’s debate to trash each other rather than run on their merits. I think Hillary started it. But, Bernie was ready and dished back. Each of them stands to be measured by the Iowa and New Hampshire voters soon.

If I was a registered Democrat, and I am not (transparency), I would be concerned about Hillary proudly proclaiming that she will extend the 8 years of successes of Barack Obama. She stated that her top priority would be Gun Control (a subject where Obama has not advanced). She mentioned universal Health Care coverage several times as she accused Bernie of a plot to slick Obama care for a do over! That is not correct. Bernie wants to slick all private health care insurance coverage so that all Americans will have to choose health care choice A: Medicare or health care choice B: Medicare.

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