Interview With Maha Al Musa – Author of Dance of the Womb

By | November 20, 2017

Dev- First of all a heartiest congratulations for writing and publishing your book and winning the Gold award in the living now independent book publishers awards, when did you first think about writing on this particular subject.

Maha Al Musa- Thank you very much Dev for your congratulations.


I had been teaching belly dance as a pre natal exercise for about four years when in the year 2000 we were away on a family holiday in Western Samoa with my two boys who were then 1 and 4. One morning I was sitting on the beach chatting with another woman traveler telling her how I facilitated belly dance for pregnancy classes and how I had connected to my Middle Eastern roots thou the dance. We got talking about culture, my experiences of being raised in the West from an Eastern culture, the significance of the belly dance for Arab and birthing women my Moslem background on my father’s side etc etc. I mentioned that for me the belly dance represented this same poetism of expression – East meeting West and life’s experiences and how I related this to my teaching of pregnant women about birth and how powerful our personal stories can be when we allow ourselves to fully embrace life’s experiences. She turned to with all sincerity and said

“you must write about this! And share your insights and knowledge with all the women of the world! Women need to hear about this and women definitely need to be empowered around natural birth as in this modern day we need to eliminate fear around birth”

I said “that’s what my work is about and the bellydancebirth has the potential to bring women into a place of safety and autonomy in birthing!”

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