Zanzibar’s Night

By | November 21, 2017

The biggest party areas are undoubtedly Stone Town, Kendwa & Paje but bars in Nungwi & Jambiani can still offer a decent place to boogie. The clubs and bars play a wide range of music from Hilife to the latest dance tracks.

Stone Town offers the largest selection of bars and clubs with most people ending the night at Livingstones or Dharma Lounge. Mercury’s or Africa House are a good place to start before moving on to the livelier places.

Kendwa Rocks offers possibly the biggest party on the island and if you can time it right and manage to get to a full moon party, then it’s even bigger. The nights entertainment usually starts with some local acrobatic shows, traditional dancers, people on stilts and occasionally fire breathers. The pace starts slow but quickly picks up and the dance floor takes no time at all to get full – depending on the night you might have local breakdancers performing on the dance floor, and it’s always fun to try and get involved! Combine all of this with a perfect beach setting make this a must visit for all visitors to Zanzibar.

Paje in general is more relaxed and less frantic than Kendwa but there is one place where a party goes from sunset to sunrise, a small hotel club called Paje by Night. Every Friday night there is a big party here full of people who have been kiting during the day and the atmosphere is always energetic. People will often jump from the swimming pool to the dance floor and vice versa, so be prepared for skimpy beachwear while at the club! If you’re feeling less energetic, people also gather round the bonfires listening to drumming sessions and drink the night away under the stars. Paje has some of the best beaches on the island and is not to be missed.

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